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Community Video for Social Change: A Toolkit (includes the Practical Guide for Community Video Training)(8.24M)

Community Video for Social Change: A Toolkit - by chapter:
Part 1. Critical Issues in Conflict-Affected Settings
Part 2. Participatory Communication in Development and Humanitarian Contexts
Part 3. Community Video for Social Change
Part 4. Planning a Community Video Project
Part 5. Implementing a Community Video Initiative
Part 6. Program Quality and Sustainability
Part 7. Monitoring and Evaluation
Part 8. Sharing Lessons and Best Practices in Participatory Video for Social Change

Practical Guide for Community Video Training
I. Introduction to the Practical Guide for Community Video Training
II. Community Video Training Plan
III. Community Video Training Exercises
IV. Source Sheets
V. Resources for Participatory Video Training

The Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to planning and implementing participatory video activities in conflict-affected settings, with a focus on gender-based violence prevention and response, harmful practices, HIV/AIDS, and related health issues. The Toolkit includes a manual titled "A Practical Guide to Community Video Training" that provides detailed session descriptions, exercises, and support materials for a two-week training workshop integrating thematic content with video production, team-building, and interpersonal communication skills.

This resource is designed for communication personnel, program managers, and humanitarian agency and NGO staff who wish to strengthen health and social development programs through participatory video. It can also serve as a resource for health advocates, media activists, social researchers, students, and others seeking in-depth information on participatory communication and community-based social change.

Communication, Participation, and Social Change: A review of communication initiatives addressing gender-based violence, gender norms, and harmful traditional practices in crisis-affected settings (2.31 MB)

This desk review, developed under the "Through Our Eyes" project, profiles outstanding participatory initiatives and includes an extensive informational table on relevant communication programs worldwide.

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If you seek additional information about C4C projects, participatory communication techniques, and related issues, please read the following documents.

Related Readings:

The Rockefeller Foundation report Making Waves: Stories of Participatory Communication for Social Change (2001) contains profiles of three C4C projects, along with case studies of many other community-based media initiatives around the world.

Making Waves is available free of charge from the Rockefeller Foundation in either English or French language versions.

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